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        Nantong Suzhong Textile Co.,Ltd.


        Nantong Suzhong Textile Co.,Ltd.,founded in June,1976,became a private enterprise in 1998. Our company dedicates to the manufacturing of yarns and threads. In July,2003, our two projects of "Research on Alpaca Yarn Spinning Process" and "Research and Development on Polyester-viscose Grey Flax Yarn" are identified by Jiangsu Technology Department,receive technology results certificate of authenticity.

        For the development of our company, we now recruit the following people:

                 1.Textile technology 1
                 Requirement:Undergraduate, spinning process
                 2.Marketing personnel 1
                 Requirement:Undergraduate, international trade

                 The salary and treatment is negotiable. If you are interested, please send to our company.

        Name: Gender: Major:
        Contact: Education: