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        Nantong Suzhong Textile Co.,Ltd.

        ABOUT US

        Nantong Suzhong Textile Group Co., Ltd. ,was founded in October 1976 with registered capital of $1.68 million and ¥70 million. Its subsidiaries are Nantong Suzhong Textile Co., Ltd., Hai’an Sutong Textile Co., Ltd., Nantong Suyuan Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., and Hai’an Yinhai Cotton Co., Ltd. Its business range is spinning, texturing, yarn spinning, and thread-making. At present, the company holds ¥160 million fixed assets, has 610 employees, and 136 of which are engineering technicians, and has more than 80,000 spinning spindles. The company occupies an area of 65,000 square meters, with building area of 58,000 square meters. Suzhong is capable of producing 10,000 tons of yarns and 20,000 tons of nylon filaments, with annual turnover of ¥400 million. Our products are produced according to national standards, enterprise standards, and customers’ requirements.

        Our products have won titles such as science and technology progress award in Nantong City, excellent new product in Nantong City, and famous-brand product in Jiangsu Province. Suzhong trademark is rated as well-known trademark of Nantong City and famous trademark in Jiangsu Province. The company has won the honor of observing contract and valuing credit unit. At present, the company has passed the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification, IS14001:1996 Environmental Management System Certification and its safety production has passed the standardized three-level acceptance. Suzhong is a private scientific and technology enterprise and a high-tech enterprise of Jiangsu Province.

        In recent years, the company has upgraded traditional production devices with advanced technologies for achieving the goals of increasing varieties, improving qualities, enlarging export, and improving efficiency. The company pays close attention to enterprise transformation and upgrading and it has invested a lot of money in developing FDY, POY, HOY, and DTY nylon high-speed spinning and texturing. The company is dedicated to producing new products, and among which, 7 products are provincial high-tech products, 2 have national invention patents, 25 have utility patents, and FDY filament products occupy the leading place in China.

        The company adheres to the enterprise spirit of factualism and innovation, and progress; insists on management tenet of quality first, customer top, reasonable price, abiding by contracts; and sticks to quality policy of advanced level, customer satisfaction.

        Service commitment :
        Product service: special specifications, specific manufacture, and functional fiber.
        Supply service:convenient for the users, quick service.
        Quality service: we insist on principle of guaranteeing product production, then coordination treatment.
        Registered capital: Suzhong, Suyuan, Sutong.